Is renter's insurance policy a good thing to have when you are a renter?

Is renter's insurance policy a good thing to have when you are a renter?

I am renting with a couple friends in a house. And I just bundled renter'-s insurance with my auto insurance policy. They told me to take pictures of everything that is mine and would ever be put in my vehicle for State Farm and upload it on an online cloud site.Do you think this is a waste of money or a good thing to have?


If there is damage to your things and you don't have lose. If it doesn't matter that you can lose everything you have, then don't get it. When you rent and if you have a lease, the lease should advise you to get your own insurance because frankly I'm not going to pay as a landlord. I resented paying insurance for everything until one day I had a fire and the place burnt to the ground and I was outside in my robe and bare feet in the winter while everything I owned burned. I pay gladly to this day.


everyone who is a renter, should have renters insurance.This is what it covers:- your personal property. the landlord's insurance never covers you personal belongings. If your items are damaged from a water leak or whatever - it's your renters insurance that will reimburse you.- your personal property from theft = someone breaks in steals stuff = your renters insurance covers it.- relocation expenses = if you can't live in your unit most of the time it's renters insurance that covers you. If the water heater breaks and you need to move for 2 days = that's covered by your landlord. If the landlord learns that all the plumbing in the house needs to be replaced - they void the lease and that's on you. With renters insurance - it will pay for other living expenses for a period. If hurricane sandy comes through and you can't live at your place because there is no water or electricity = renters insurance pays for you to stay somewhere else.- damage to the landlords property = say you are cooking something and it accidentally catches the house on fire... guess what? that's on you. The landlord's insurance usually does not cover damage that you do.


I had renter's insurance when I is not a waste of money. I spent less than 300 a year for renter's insurance. In the scheme of things....300 bucks a year is pretty cheap for replacement costs if your property gets burnt up in a fire, stolen or other wise damaged. It was definitely a smart thing to do on your part in getting renter's insurance. Unless you had property that was worth less than $300 in total.........then it may be a waste. I bet though if you have a laptop, cell phone, TV, bed, furniture, etc........your property is probably worth well over that amount.


It can depend on your situation.Such as, is it a safe location - robbery wise and weather wise that might cause you problems, etc.If you have valuable things it is insurance that can protect you from such losses.You question is similar to home owners insurance. If you feel that you would feel a big financial if anything happened to your property then it would be wise to have it covered.


We got ours because our landlord required us to cover our rottweiler, and I never would have thought to get it but I'm glad we did. It's given me so much peace of mind about things I didn't even realize I was worried about. And unless you're so broke you're digging in the couch for change to get something to eat, it's really affordable. Ours was something like $12 a month. What have you got to lose? A meal at Denny's? Totally worth it.


No it is not a waste of money.. take pictures of your belongings as requested and submit them.Renters insurance covers contents ( your belongings ) in case the apartment or home you are renting is damaged.


A good idea, think of how much it would cost to replace everything that you own. Your clothes, bed, electronics etc, can be lost very quickly in a fire.


It is a necessary thing. It protects your possessions in case of theft, fire, water damage also provides you with financial protection if your carelessness causes a house fire.


It's called insurance for a reason. Sux when you don't use it but praise be when you do.



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