What's the average cost for adding a teen to auto insurance who've completed drivers ed?

What's the average cost for adding a teen to auto insurance who've completed drivers ed?

I got my license this past Thursday, and I'-m waiting on my dad to add my to his insurance (State Farm) So I can begin driving my car. It seems like he'-s procrastinating-UGH! Anyways, How much do you think it will be? &- don'-t I get a discount if I'-ve completed drivers ed?another question do I have to pay like this huge first time fee? or do I just pay like what i'-ll be paying monthly?


I'm with State Farm too.Your insurance would depend on your car, you would pay more with a new car than with an older, less expensive one.When I added my son, he had several discounts...driver training, good driving, good student, multicar...ask directly to State Farm (they have a good website) so they can tell you exactly how you can save money.Edit:I pay the bills every six months but I could pay every 3 months if I wanted to. I'm not sure about a monthly payment.My son's insurance costs about $400 every 6 months (which would be about $66/month) and he has a 2002 Corolla. He saves more than $40 every month because of his discounts.My car is as old but my insurance costs only half of what my son's insurance costs, because I'm not a teenager. Your dad is not looking forward to having to pay your insurance which will be twice as expensive as his!Source(s):http://www.statefarm.com/


some insurance companies will let you pay by the month, others want a 6 mos. premium up front. Young people pay high premiums, it all depends on the car you are driving and perhaps where you live. for an average car in a medium sized city, i would say 120 -150 per month..


i only pay 89 dollars and im on my own insurance plan, only 17yrs old and im a male. Normal kids my age and sex pay like 100 dollars.But i also have a 13 year old car.You pay your first payment as what you would normally pay.Source(s):I pay my own insurance.


There's no average cost. Every policy is different. Don't waste your time here, asking questions nobody can answer for you. Call your agent and get a quote.


There is not an average costSource(s):insurance broker



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