When you get a personal injury settlement, does part of it go to reimbursing your health insurance company?

When you get a personal injury settlement, does part of it go to reimbursing your health insurance company?

For example, I went through physical therapy due to injuries sustained from an auto accident. My health insurance company paid for the physical therapy. Once the claim is settled, will part of the amount of the settlement be used to reimburse my health insurance company for the physical therapy?


It may.Many health insurance policies have a clause where the insurer is entitled to be made whole for any losses they incurred. If your policy has a clause like that, then your insurance company will get reimbursed before you.Without knowing your specific policy and what state you live in, its hard for me to say. But, I have seen that happen in my state (Ohio).Your best bet would be to ask your attorney, if you're already working with one on your accident claim.Source(s):10+ years working for health insurance companies and medical providers


It could, Because the injury was due to another source and their is a settlement, you might have to reimburse for the medical expenses.The medical should have been dealth with through your auto insurance or the person that hit you. You should check with your insurance company to be sure. If they later review the records and see that it was an auto accident, they could come after you for the reimbursement.


no. that's why you pay for insurance. they wouldnt pay for your physical therapy otherwise and would have denied your claim. are you in a lawsuit?


Depends on your health insurance policy wording and whether or not they make it a practice to seek reimbursement. They may have already put a lien on the settlement. This is not something we can answer for certain, you will have to find out from your HEALTH insurance company. In my claims experience the only companies I saw try for recovery were government (medicaid and medicare) or self-insured companies.


Yes.Most likely your health insurance policy has a provision that says they will get paid back from any third party settlements.Your health insurance company gets paid back for the money they paid out on your behalf. You are not allowed to stiff them.Source(s):Insurance Adjuster



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