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Popular Q&A

Why does my auto insurance keep going up?
To be honest with you, it's because they can. All the major insurance companies hold conferences to raise their prices. They take turns offering lower rates, while the rest of the companies go on charging more and more. And when a lot of people decide to switch to another company, they do it...

How good is USAA auto insurance?
USAA is an incredible company for Auto Insurance, as well as banking, life insurance, and home/rental insurance.Personally, I have Auto / Credit Card / Life Insurance / Rental Insurance all through USAA.When I was involved in a car accident a few years ago, it took only one call to get everything...

Can a 16 year old get auto insurance without being under a parents name?
You can only get insurance under your mom. Sorry she is not on your side.If you move in with a relative you would get insurance under them, maybe an aunt or uncle? Ask them for help.And, good grades do help. You can get the good student discount.

Does auto insurance really go down when you get married?
insurance will go down for males under 25 when they are married, if you live with a girlfriend/finance some agents will give you that discount as well, check out globalwideinsurance. com for insurance rates and if you have any more questions they have a question forum

What auto insurance coverage is mandatory in the state of Florida?
then call any insurance agent in the phone book, they do this for a living and they know exactly what the minimum requirements are for your state.