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What percentage of work related expenses will I get back from taxes?
6 previous answers before me, and 5 of them wrong or had something incorrect. If the gas and travel expenses is just for commuting back and forth to an office that you cannot deduct any of those expenses. If you have to travel to different places for work, then you can deduct travel expenses...

What can be done if a car with auto insurance, and an UNLICENSED driver hits me?
as long as the vehilce is insured in MOST states there is still coverage. They took the money in good faith and will normally cover it. It also depends if they are the owner of the vehicle or not. If they are not the owner then it's usually easier to have the insurance company pay. If they...

How can i withdrawal money from Full Tilt?
Withdrawl options are:NETELLER is one of the most trusted names in online payment processing - creating an account is safe, fast and free.Withdrawal from NETELLERMinimum: $50 - Maximum: $8000Processing time: 24-48 hoursTime to transfer funds: Immediate--------------------------------------…Moneybookers...

What is the best insurance company for a young male(18yearold) driver from Toronto, canada?
It would be best if you add yourself as a driver to your parents policy since this way your insurance premium will be low. Compare auto insurance quotes online and also call the agents. Try TD or state farm- since they normally provide good quotes.

Do you need an "international license" to drive a car in Europe?
I travel to Europe several times a year. I've never been asked for an IDP and have rented in UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium & the Netherlands.An IDP is nothing more than a translation of your driver's license. It is only valid in conjunction with your license -- and it's useless...