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What would happen to a driver that comes from another state and drives here in California?
Try again. I think there is ONE state that does not require liability insurance for cars. The minimum in most states is MUCH more than $15,000. That wouldn't cover a MINOR accident WITHOUT injuries in most vehicles.

How can I get auto insurance in my name when the car is registered in someone else's name?
Since your mother has the loan on the car, the lender requires your mother to maintain full coverage on the car. Presuming there is full coverage, talk to the insurance company and have yourself listed as the primary driver. You can't double insure a car (your mother's policy and your own)...

How often does a person get there car insurance bill in the mail?Is it every month,or every six months?
Usually you pay for 6 months at a time.Insurance companies will let you make monthly payments but will charge you 10 to 20 dollars per installment to pay it this way.

What auto insurance company has policy numbers like this.?
one thing a cop told me is you have to call a cop because its a felony if you drive off and they can come after you so its best to staySource(s):kaydid

What do I need to get a resale licence in the state of florida?
The State of Florida considers you to be a dealer and requires you to have a dealer's license if you buy or sell any of the following in a 12-month period:Three or more motor vehiclesOne or more mobile homesOne or more recreational vehiclesAll vehicle dealer licenses are administered and regulated...